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July 31st, 2013, 03:43 AM
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I have a Baby Trend jogging stroller, just a slightly different style than this. It looks like there's a red button on the handle-is that to fold it up? Mine has two loops you pull on each side to fold it. I love my stroller. When I have to get only a few things from the store I just use this because it is so easy to maneuver and it is slim. I also have no problem lifting it in and out of my trunk. I do have a minivan, so I'm not sure how it would fit in a car trunk. However, it folds up well and the wheels pivot sideways to make it fit easier. It didn't come with an air pump, so just make sure you have one to fill the tires if necessary. It is also very simple to switch to jogging mode with the pull of a lever and then you just push a bottom near the handle to switch the front wheel back to swivel-mode.

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