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July 31st, 2013, 03:47 AM
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Hi Ashley my name is Renz I'm 21 I will freely admitt to you that I got pregnant from a one night stand to a samoan guy that I met at a nightclub 7 months ago I am now 7 months pregnant next week with my first child I slept with him on February 3rd this year and ovulated on February the 5th I didn't use protection I know exactly what your going through I was on my last year of my degree this year studying to be a social worker I would have been finished and graduated with my degree on december the 6th of this year and I also work part time on the weekends and have been there for six years this year I didn't find out I was pregnant until Thursday the 16th of April this year I was just going to the doctor's for a checkup as I wasn't feeling well I had been having headaches and been more tired than usual and I had missed my period since february I done a pregnancy test to make sure that I wasn't pregnant and it came back positive and I was in so much shock I didn't know what to do as I had a partner at this stage as well and had been with him for nearly three months I went to my best friend and told her that I was pregnant and we went to the hospital and done two more pregnancy tests and they were both positive too be honest with you I didn't want to keep my baby due to the fact that I was on my last year of my degree and I was also worried about my job and I was scared that my partner would leave me and I wasn't ready to have any kids I didn't know how far along I was until I went for my scan two weeks later and they said I was 14 weeks pregnant so I couldn't have an abortion as I had already passed the 3 month mark and I don't think I would have been able to do that I also had considered adoption as I knew straight away that the father wouldn't want to be in the picture I didn't get a number from him after that night I slept with him and I didn't know how to get ahold of him at least with adoption my baby would of had a mother and a father It was a very hard decision I had to make and it was one of the hardest decisions that I've had to make in my life after my 1st scan and seeing my baby moving around I thought no way am I giving up my baby I love my baby and I will be an awesome mother and give him everything and always be there for him and I think everything happens for a reason I ended up keeping my baby and now I have a beautiful baby boy on the way one of the hardest things was telling my parents but now that my parents have come to terms with it they are excited to become grandparents I ended up carrying on with my course and have planned to go back next year or the year after to finish the last 5 months due to all the stress from course I finished three weeks ago and my son is due in october so I had alot of hard decisions to make and I have taken maternity leave from my job for a whole year but I will always have my job there as a backup and sadly me and my partner ended up finishing but he was alright with me being pregnant and stayed with me for another few months but in the end I just wanted to be single and focus on me and baby I think with this and what you are going through having support is very important and keeping positive I never realised how strong I was until I went through this it has made me alot stronger and if you want me to be entirely honest with you there is going to be people that are going to judge you as I get asked that question all the time who is the father of my son and I tell the truth I just tell them that I am not with the father and he is not going to be in the picture and that he doesn't want to be involved and he's not ready to be a father I suggest going to counselling to talk to someone about how you are feeling also helps I ended up seeing the father to my baby when I was 5 months pregnant at a nightclub and I told him that I was pregnant and that he had a son on the way so I had given him an opportunity to be a father to my son despite the fact that it was a one night stand and he tried to say he doesn't remember me and doesn't know me I told him where to go and that we don't need him. I only know his first name but I don't know his last name but I couldn't understand the fact that he got me pregnant and yet he doesn't want to be a father to our baby boy it hurt like hell what he did to me but it has made me alot stronger and my son has given me strength to carry on as I know I have a little baby boy that needs me it is one of the hardest things that you are going to go through it has been for me but I wouldn't change a thing you are always going to have people that judge you but just think and remember that you have a baby that needs you and stay positive and carry on that's what I think. I have accepted the fact that I'm going to be a single mum for the next 18 years and my friends and family have been very supportive I have brought my son everything on my own from basinet to clothes and I have already picked out a name for him I am glad that I am going to be a mother I love my son and wouldn't change anything for the world before I got pregnant I never really cared about anything use to go out and drink but now I have a reason to live and I am going to be an awesome mother and will always be there for my son I will always make sure that he has everything and the father of my son is going to miss out on his son I definately don't think about drinking or partying anymore he has made me grow up makes me want to move out of my parent's house so I do understand what you are going through as I am going through it myself so if you ever need to talk or need advice I'm here for you I didn't actually realise that there were many other people out there that got pregnant from one night stands but there is and I'm happy that I could share my story with you.
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