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July 31st, 2013, 07:04 AM
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I agree it's nice to have someone on the same boat!

I've read/heard mostly that some women do start AF when they have it removed but others only spot a bit on the first day and that although there will probably be some cramping, it should not be as bad as it was after insertion.

I am having it removed about a day before I start AF (not planned, just happened that way, I started tracking AF after I scheduled the appointment to remove it). Although my clinic did not mention a best time to remove it during the cycle, I read that some doctors recommend having it removed closer to or during AF due to the cervix being naturally soften at that time.

I still need to talk to the dr. at my removal appointment (which is in 19 days!) about what period of time she recommends to wait before TTC. I know you can get pregnant right away and some drs say there is no need to wait but I am worried about the effects the IUD could have had on my uterus (like inflammation/copper still a bit present). So just to put the best chances on our side, I want to have at least two AF before TTC.

I'll keep you posted on how it goes and what the dr says. Still a bit of a wait but it will go by soon I know it. Let me know how it goes on your side and if you don't mind, what the dr recommends, it's nice to compare the info given .

6/12/2013- 8 weeks

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