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July 31st, 2013, 08:13 AM
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So, Cam will be about 20-21 months when Squishy 2.0 makes his/her appearance. We really don't want to buy a second crib. We kept Cam in our room until he was 6.5 months, and we plan to do the same Cam will be over 2 years old when we actually need the crib.

Where can I look for kids beds or toddler beds? Reasonably priced. I want to get bunk beds, but it might not be in our budget (double on the bottom, single or twin up top).

We also have solid wood bunk beds that are single on the bottom and top, and belonged to my dad and his brother when they were younger. They are currently in storage in our basement. Cam's big boy room is not much smaller than our master bedroom so these beds look pretty ridiculous in there. And we don't have a dresser etc. to match them. And we can't do anything to the beds (eg staining etc.) to match something new as they are nostalgic to my dad and he would flip. Should we use those and make his room all mismatched? It would save for us on the money front.

Or should we bite the bullet and buy him a toddler bed? Anyone use them and see value rather than skipping to a regular bed with rails? I am thinking putting a mattress on the ground for a while first to get him used to it before actually putting the bed in there if we don't go with a toddler bed.

Also, when would I transition him? I don't want to transition him right when I need it so he doesn't get jealous, but I don't want to do it too early.

Or should we just buy a new crib? This is not ideal, but would it be best?
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