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July 31st, 2013, 10:14 AM
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Wow. Just wow. That poor woman. If it was me and I was alone(as DH is always with me since I don't drive due to my seizures) you would see a level of crazy come out of me that would shock most. I would have kicked him in the groin and kneed him in the head then pinned his arm behind his back (oh you bet i can do this...thanks to growing up in the bad side of minneapolis) and started screaming to someone to call the police that the man had assaulted my 2 year old I would have kept him restrained until cops came. I do not care if I would have gone to jail for in turn assaulting the man.
She could have demanded someone restrain the man. Had Walmart check their video for security and gotten a license plate number and called the police. Used the Walmart video to help police track him down. At the least she could have grabbed her phone and snapped a pic. Turned it in to the cops and news. That is ridiculous what he did. That guy deserves to have his *** kicked.

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