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July 31st, 2013, 04:39 PM
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Glad baby is doing well for you, but that is scary that they didn't find the heartbeat at first!

Our little one turned transverse around week 28 with this pregnancy. I totally second the Spinning Babies site! I was doing a couple Forward Inversions from that site every day, doing pelvic tilts whenever I could, and doing some of the releases, trying to get her to turn, and she was head down at 32 weeks and has remained head down since. I was going to start doing the Breech Tilt if she didn't turn by 32 weeks.

It is easier to get them to turn earlier, and Spinning Babies recommends going to a chiropractor at 34-36 weeks if they're not head down by then, so it couldn't hurt to start a few of the exercises. Doing them really makes me feel more comfortable, too. If I start getting a lot of round ligament pains or pelvic pain, I make sure to do a few exercises from the site, and it always helps!

I hope she turns for you!
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