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July 31st, 2013, 07:56 PM
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Well, its officially the second half of summer. 264 posts in July was amazing considering people had a lot going on and vacations and such. I challenge you to 275 in August

Some Celebrity Birthdays
4 - Maurice Richard
6 - Alexander Flemming (discovered penicillin)
16 - James Cameron
19 - Matthew Perry
21 - Kim Cattrall
21 - Carrie-Anne Moss
28 - Jason Priestley

Canadian Historic Events in August
1610 - Henry Hudson entered Hudson's Bay but thought he had found the Pacific
1784 - Province of New Brunswick formed
1873 - The first RCMP detachment was formed
1884 - The Calgary Stampede was formed -- it was then known as The Calgary Agricultural Society
1896 - Gold was first discovered in the Yukon Territory
1906 - Montreal, Quebec, suffered its first auto fatality
1944 - Parliament passed the Baby Bonus legislation
1957 - Saskatchewan became the first province to complete its section of the Trans-Canada Highway
1998 - The Supreme Court of Canada ruled Quebec could not unilaterally secede From Canada
DS1: C 8/12/2012
DS2: L 3/30/2014
Surprise baby! due 3/27/2017

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