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July 31st, 2013, 10:00 PM
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It was like that when we lived on base. Sometimes you just have to say no. Spell it out for them. "I'm sorry, but we're having family time right now. Maybe they can play later." And "You need to knock on the door, and wait until someone lets you in. We can't walk into other people's homes." Talk to the parents too. I had a little boy who just wouldn't stop letting himself into my house (and he was a sweetie, but come on!) I went and talked to his mom, and she was not aware he was doing that and gave him a talking to.

Now off base, we are pretty rural so no one really stops by. The kids do miss it. Now I actually have to call and set up play dates if they want someone over, so it's not too often. Beth and Matt are 7 and 8 now, and they will do drop off playdates or have a friend dropped off here which is nice.
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