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August 1st, 2013, 12:22 AM
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I was induced at 40W3D with Josiah, and had a very hard labor that resulted in c/s. Through the whole process I ended up with 2 epi's (the 1st 20 minutes before I started pushing, the 2nd in the OR), a spinal, and being put under on the table. I was really sick after he was born and barely remember his first week. Jamison's birth was so different. I went into labor at 36W3D, and had a drug free vbac, which was NOT what I had expected for his birth! We had a planned c/s scheduled! He was a nicu babe, so the whole experience was entirely different. I felt calmer with Jamison's birth because I recognized some of my body's labor cues, especially as I was nearing transition. My labor up until transition was really different with him because I had a posterior cervix, so even though I was dilating, I wasn't getting the hard contractions. It was very strange! Then, BAM, I transitioned and started pushing. Both boys weighed in an ounce apart from each other, but the labors themselves couldn't have been more different.
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