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August 1st, 2013, 03:39 AM
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Originally Posted by melissamarie247 View Post
Congrats! I will upload my story when I'm home tomorrow but its sooo funny how we have a tonin common. My water broke the 30th (my birthday).. Ended up tuck at 6cm so got pitocin. Had my baby the same morning! Ended up with third degree tearing because he was forehead First and 9lbs 10oz.. I feel for you with no epidural! I was going to go natural but caved with pitocin at 6.. It was a long labor so without would have been horrible. I also only pushed for 15 min and he came. Happy birthday to your daughter!
Happy birthday to your son! I didn't even know you had him! Thought I just missed the post. That is weird we have a lot in common! Lol. They have the same birthdays now. What time was your son born? How long was he? You feel for me with no epidural but I feel for you for him being a little over double in weight of what my baby was! Though maybe with the epidural you felt nothing but I could barely push my daughter out. I kept telling the nurses and doctor that I had to give up. Did the epidural help alot?? Did it make you not feel any pain at all?? How long was your labor? How do you feel now??
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