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August 1st, 2013, 06:20 AM
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My conversation with daughter today:

Her: What is this word? (points to word on the baby's measuring tape that the hospital gave us)
Me: Similac.
Her: What's Similac?
Me: It's baby formula.
Her: Oh.
Me: Do you know what formula is?
Her: It's a potion. Duuuuhhhh...
Me: A potion?
Her: Yeah.
Me: And what does this potion do. (cue smirk towards husband to make sure he's hearing this)
Her: It's a potion to make babies bad.

After that I explained to her what formula really is (and that it doesn't make babies bad). She had no idea that it's simulated milk to replace food for babies who can't breastfeed. (So, she wasn't being mean about formula-feeding when she said it's a potion to make babies bad--I wouldn't be happy about that, because that would be mean). What I'm happy about is that my kids didn't know what formula was until today. That, to them, breastfeeding is so normal that they just assumed ALL babies get breast milk.

I hope this means when they have their own kids one day, it will be a no brainer how they will feed their baby.
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