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August 1st, 2013, 07:30 AM
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I know! It makes me sad! And in 28 days I'll be back to work Good thing I have another mat leave to look forward to

So this morning....Cam managed to grab my coffee cup and dump it on himself. My only decaf tassimo disc I have to have decaf because I'm having coffee with a friend later. While I was cleaning everything up (the couch, the floor the side table, my weights and indoor runners that were under the table, and the pillow he was standing on), I turn around and he is at the top of the stairs we live in a back split, but based on the grade of the land, they dug a bit deeper and we have cathedral ceilings downstairs, so its a regular sized staircase of 13 stairs. I freaked out again and he started crying again. This day can only get better!!!

On a good note, I got a positive on a digi this morning so I'll be calling the doctor today.
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