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August 1st, 2013, 12:03 PM
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No intuition...although looking at my chart, if we were swaying, I'd guess boy. But who knows! We'll stay team green (DH still wants to find out...), and I may do some gender tests

I've already started the name game, but DH doesn't want to talk names yet. Which is fine...we have lots of time. But it will be like last time where I come up with tons, and he vetos! I will keep you updated!

Isn't that always the way with Ikea Caroline! We want to get an entertainment unit from there for our tv as well. Boo for the wrong measurements! Anything you can do to fix it? And boo for not matching....are they far enough different that it looks obvious that you aren't trying to match them? If you find that money tree...share with me!!!
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