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August 1st, 2013, 12:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Zoes_Mommy View Post
I had problems dealing with stuff since I was about 12. It really started after my grandmother passed away from Cancer. i was pretty close to her and I prayed for her to get better and I struggled for years over it. When i was a teenager and up until I was about 20 I was a cutter usually on my legs where people couldnt see the marks. When I was 16 i started a relationship with a guy who ended up being my first husband the relationship was not great he done drugs and drank alot we were together from 16 until 21. He was also very abusive mentally, emotionally and physically which lead to me drinking very heavily. I had a really hard time dealing with the divorce and that is the first time I actually seeked out profesional help because my mom was so worried about me and i was put on Lexapro I was on it about 6 months and then I got pregnant with Zoe and I went off of it and struggled with post partum depression after her birth and many ups and downs during the past 7 years and finally last fall I went back to the dr and got put on Zoloft which has helped tremendously. I still have spells of crying and emotional issues here and there but nothing like I used to.
((HUGS)) It sounds like you had a lot of things contributing to your depression too.

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