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August 1st, 2013, 12:32 PM
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I was induced with both girls, my body was not getting the hint. I was having contractions, but not really progressing past a certain point. With Reagan, I went to 1 cm and was stuck there for 5-6 weeks, they induced me, I got the epi at around 9 cm after being given Stadol, I pushed for almost 2 hours, she was born within 5.5 hours of the start of pit. They had to use a vacuum to help her get all of the way out, but the labor was too bad. With Addy, I chose not to have the narcotic, got the epi a little earlier, I think I was like 6 or 7 cm. As soon as they broke my water (before the epi), my contractions went from every 8 minutes or so down to every 2 and I went from about 3-4 cm to 7 cm within like 30 minutes, then to 10 within an hour and pushed for 10 minutes and she was out! Her birth was much easier, however, they had to give me meds to stop the bleeding, because I started to bleed heavily, luckily the first med worked and they didn't have to resort to the other kind. The hospital that I birthed in with both girls was great, all of the docs were great! I will have another epi with my next birth as long as my platelets behave, that almost caused me a natural birth.

I should also mention with Reagan, they used the foley bulb the night before to open my cervix to 4 cm because it seriously was not getting the hint...lmao!

I would talk to your doctor, voice your concerns, ask what they can do for you. If your doc won't listen and help you get what you want/need, maybe consider getting a new doc.
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