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August 1st, 2013, 01:54 PM
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hello and welcome ,im sorry for your loses it is always hard when you lose a baby no matter how pregnant you are , I lost my last baby 2 yrs ago and no bfp since ,like Leia has said we have all tried everything anything to get pregnant , im now 40 like you im aware of the ticking clock so im now under a doctor ,had lots of tests it turns out iv a blocked right tube but all else is ok , its more a age thing doc has said , so im on first mth of clomid and trigger shot , I have 5 good follicles and did my trigger shot 2 evenings ago , a few of us on this board are taking clomid ,and for me it has done its job as in made my body work , no idea if this Is the mth for a bfp but time will tell , I would give it a try and maybe ask how your hormone levels are and the lining of your womb which are all factors with mc then your doctor can maybe help you with those if there is a problem along side the clomid .

I am 39 and DH is 40, we have 5 kids

George 15

Lexie 14

Lenny 11

Billy 7

Ellie 3

Trying for number 6 but will be number one with DH

DH Kids

Andrew 20

Holly 18

Amelia 4
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