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August 1st, 2013, 03:55 PM
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Tiffany- Oh man, Vegas is boarderline H.E.double hockey stick in the summer time!!! A high of 100 is a great thing! LOL

Brittanie- That snow leopard is to cute. I liked a lot of the pics you posted from your trip to the zoo! Looked like a lot of fun.

AFM- Well, we are all sick.. I dont know with what. I had a sore throat that started maybe Sunday or Monday. Yesterday Garrett told me his hurt. So just out of curiosity I looked inside his mouth and saw nothing really, maybe a little red. So I looked in mine and I have white spots on both sides and the back of my tongue is bumpy.. Ahhhhh!! Then Ellie starts telling me hers hurts too. She has spots as well! But no one has other symptoms, no one is acting sick.. I have a bit of a runny nose. Last night Garrett woke up crying and had a 100.1 fever (low grade??) but Tylenol dropped it and it hasnt come back.. No one has really complained about a sore throat today but both Ellie & I still have white spots, bumpy tongues and hers tonsils are swollen.. So here's the problem.. Logan just switched to a new job and we dont have insurance, not until the 22nd.. Of course something would happen when we dont have coverage.. He said the urgent care he went to is $150, but times that by 3 people= HELLOOOO!! and I dont know if I would need them to check Blaine just in case.. Ugh! These symptoms could also be a common cold.. But I hate not knowing.. A) I could wait it out, but if it is strep that isnt good to do. B) I could take us all in and it turn out to be a cold and waste so much money we do not have.. I always take taking the kids in when I think they are sick and they say Oh its just a virus, you have to let it run its course.. and $$ later we walk out with nothing more than we went in with..

Sorry for my rambling.. I just dont know what to do!

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