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August 1st, 2013, 04:10 PM
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I posted this over on the FB page as well but wanted to get everyone's opinion ...

For those who have weaned before please give me your advice.
I went from 5 pumps a day to 4 pumps a day and my right boob barely produces anything so as of today I quit pumping that side. However, my left side is a monster and I usually can pump 5+ oz on that side when I am emptying it. Starting today, I continued to pump at my "regular" time but only the left side and I only allowed about 2oz out. I am hurting ... my boobs feel heavy.

Am I weaning too fast?

I am taking Motrin and wearing a bra with a tight tank top - but I am not "bound" ... I am considering sudafed but IDK if it's safe to take that and give me daughter the pumped milk while I wean?

Any tips/ideas?
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