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August 1st, 2013, 08:42 PM
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Charlotte- My MILs mom. Not that anyone else would understand that!
Charlie- I think of my SIL...she goes by Chuck.
Louise- <3 My favorite Grandmas name.
Lou- to me, it's a boys name.
Beatrice- Love! Was on my list, the hubby vetoed it.
Georgiana- Umm...the royals now.
Rosalie- It's okay.
Francesca- Not a fan at all. Just sounds funny to me.
Caroline- I like Coraline better.
Ireland- It's a place, not a name.
Elowen- Meh.
Cora- Dislike. It feels like an unfinished name to me.
Lyra- I love this name. But, I could see her being called Liar.
Aria- Meh.
Lilah- I don't like it. No real reason.
India- Again, it's a place.


Desmond- Actually feels more girly to me.
Henry- <3 Top boy name for us.
Everett- Reminds me of Everest. Not sure if that matters or not.
Malcolm- Something about this name is just weird to me.
Eli- No, again, feels unfinished to me.
Gabriel- Love.
Arthur- Meh.
Shepherd- A vocation, not a name.

Best I could do.

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