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August 2nd, 2013, 12:07 AM
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Charlotte- prim
Charlie- cute
Louise- old lady
Lou- " "
Beatrice- Bea Arthur lol
Georgiana- Princess
Rosalie- Death on the nile
Francesca- beautiful
Seraphine- Mouse ballet teacher to Angelina
Caroline- talky
Ireland- I cant even think of anything in regards to a girl named this
Elowen- Irish
Cora- quiet
Lyra- unusual
Aria- trendy
Lilah- classic
India- trendy


Desmond- Old man
Henry- refined
Everett- cute
Malcolm- silly
Eli- naughty (sorry a student of mine by this name was very...naughty!)
Gabriel- an angel
Arthur- king
Shepherd- Jesus

Most of my first thoughts are how I would picture that person to behave, not a "thing" that they remind me of. I was a teacher of small children for years and we always noted characteristics that names seemed to have.
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