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August 2nd, 2013, 06:51 AM
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They should have left you alone. To many OB's don't trust a womans body to do what it is suppose to do, or not quick enough for them. There was probably no need for them to break your water & no need for Pitocin. They should of left you alone, had you walk around, bounce on a ball, take a bath. It can take a long time for a first baby and they know that.

Go into it this time knowing you do not have to allow them to do anything. They do not have to break your water. Your body can labor perfectly fine with your membranes intact. Breaking the water speeds up the labor which is convienent for THEM, but not only does it make the pain worse, it puts you on a time clock. I strongly suggest refusing until you are a good 8-9cm. Don't let them give you Pitocin. With a VBAC you HAVE to find your voice to say no. Do your research, be firm.
I would suggest staying home as long as possible. Don't go straight to the hospital if your ctx are 4 min apart...look at the whole picture. Are they intense? How painful on a scale of 1-10? Can you feel baby's head being pushed down onto your cervix during the ctx? How long is the ctx lasting? Look at all of these factors & try to labor at home as long as possible. When the've been coming steady for a couple hours, lasting about at least 30seconds but I would aim for closer to 45-60, you can feel the distinct pressure of babys head being pushed onto your cervix during the contraction (this feeling gets more intense as you dilate and get further into your labor, at least in my experience X5) & you are having a hard time talking during ctx and /or it is getting to the point the pain is making you moan and really have to focus inward on your breathing, NOW would be the time to go.
Ideally you want to be about 7cm when you arrive. Good luck!
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