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August 2nd, 2013, 06:57 AM
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I've done it three different ways. I have found it all depends on the personality of the person you get, not what they are.

DD1 - delivering GP - OK experience, she over reacted about a few things and pushed me into some treatments I didn't want and didn't really need, spent 4 months on bed rest but that had nothing to do with her, she was nice enough to set up a home nurse for me instead of making me stay in the hospital. Ended in a non emergency but not planned section.

DD2 - midwife - terrible experience, she wouldn't tell me what was going on, sent me to an OB at the hospital without telling me why and then told the OB that it was a transfer of care and told me it was just a consult. Called me in for and cancelled appointments at her will, usually the day of, causing me to miss a lot of work. I actually kicked her out of the delivery room with the help of a couple of nurses who agreed that she was not being helpful and asked for the on call OB to come in and take over. Ended in an emergency section because she wasn't paying attention to what I was telling her and by the time the OB got the transfer of care paperwork and got to me we had lost DD2's heartbeat twice and I was in the process of rupturing from my previous section.

DS - OB - fantastic experience, she was young and very relaxed. She put me at ease the very first time we met her. I went into emerg one night because I just didn't feel right and she called me the next day when she found out just to make sure I was alright. She gave me her home number and pager number at the end when I was really quite sick and when I didn't call her, she called me. I'd have her again in a heartbeat. Ended with a planned section mainly because she didn't want me to repeat my experience with DD2. She's also the one who discovered that my pelvic bone is deformed and no matter what I did I wasn't going to have a baby vaginally, it's not possible without breaking that bone.

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