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August 2nd, 2013, 12:01 PM
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Originally Posted by meld10 View Post
Thanks ladies! I still can't believe he said that. Man if I were 125-ish I think people would be stopping on the street and giving me food to eat (which would be just as rude as that guy ). And even if I had 18 pounds to lose, I wouldn't want anybody to be telling me that off the street.

Well said! When my BF arrived home later and I told him what happened, he gave me an earful because I did not tell the guy that he was rude and to mind his own busyness (he gave me examples that had quite stronger wording than what I am sharing here though ). I'm just too polite with strangers no matter what they say to me, I sometimes wish I could be meaner and set some limits.

At the same time I might have to see him again often (he apparently visits his son almost every day of the week) so at least it won't be too ackward when I see him but now I definitely know to keep it to a small wave or nod and that's it, no need for more small talk with that rude guy. Luckily his son is super polite and friendly, guess he had a good example of how NOT to speak to neighbors and strangers.
Yeh all my kids heard me tell some annoying lady at the grocery store to "mind her own <insert bad word here> business". I called my dad all upset about it and he said it was great that I was teaching my kids to stand up for themselves. I tend to flip out and not think when people make me mad. I think I would be stewing over this for a while if it were me. LOL.

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