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August 2nd, 2013, 12:28 PM
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We started Finn in them once his circ healed. As it turned out his cord fell off about the same time. Right now, he's still fitting into the orange GMD workhorse fitteds and prefolds, but has outgrown the NB Super Brites, but doesn't quite fit into the small Super Brites. He has skinny legs, so a lot of covers have a gap there. We are using Kawaii Baby OS covers some which fit okay, especially at night when I add a trifolded prefold as a doubler. Those were consignment sale finds that I scored for less than $2 each. The edge tape is coming off one, but that's an easy fix.

So far, it's going well. Except for a (not so small) flood in the bathroom yesterday while DH was in class. A valve that was running from the water heater to the diaper washing machine blew out. I had to call the city to cut the water off at the street. It was so not fun, but no major damage from that (did uncover some old water damage though ).

Now we're trying to determine what the next step will be. DH likes the fitteds with snaps. I'm liking the idea of AI2s. I got a Cheeky Revolution fitted earlier this week and am trying to decide between Flips, Grovia, and Ragababe for an AI2 system. I'll probably go with the Flip daypack in the Albert print (already have an AIO in Albert and love it). Tangerine Baby is stocking soon, so I'll try to score one of those OS fitteds too, as well as Little Seedlings. I figure with good hybrid fitteds, the cheaper covers we have will work fine.

Unfortunately, it's looking like I'll have to start buying disposables for daycare in about 6 weeks unless I can convince his pediatrician to write a note saying he needs to wear cloth. However, his pedi didn't even know what a cloth diaper was when I took him to his one month appointment...

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