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August 2nd, 2013, 12:34 PM
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With all of my babies the way I was able to get pregnant was to do something a bit unconventional...
After you have dtd with your lovely husbands or SOs, raise your behind off the bed(2or3 pillows or more if flat) so your body from head to pelvis is a complete U shape, THEN you must have an orgasm(alone or with hubbys help is up to you). After this orgasm close your eyes and take a 15-30min nap before you get up from your U shape position... the point is to have your orgasm while your pelvis is raised up (keeping inside those precious lil swimmers) therefore helping the swimmers get to their destination!!
of course this tip is going to be way more successful with the use of your opks and temping to make sure ovulation is happening!!!
When you orgasm ladies your cervix naturally opens and dips down into the vaginal canal a bit, so if you are timing your orgasm to happen while those sperm are already in there, the opening and dipping that your cervix will do will essentially be scooping up some of those sperm into your uterus and hopefully giving them a head start for their journey into making y'all mommy's!!!
Good luck ladies!!
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