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August 2nd, 2013, 01:10 PM
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#6 otw for us:)
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Was just a tip, a friend at work who has 6 children toldme about it, I never used any opks or charted temps ever, just checked my cervical position as well as cm to know when o was happening. First time I tried it I was pregnant with in 5 weeks. Every woman's body is different, but especially for those who have been trying for a. Extended time, might as well give it a shot
If u think about it most women orgasm before her partner, just because its so difficult to time it to happen simultaneously... which means the cervical opening and dipping is happening too early...

Yes Nicole, I am for real, given I have had three lil ones with another otw its definately a valid tip. Not everyone gets pregnant super easy, some struggle for years... Good Luck ladies!!

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