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August 2nd, 2013, 07:31 PM
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Thought I would throw my story in here....
I have 2 sons 15 ad 13, both completely uneventful pregnancies. I then had a miscarriage at 32, about a year later I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism so I kinda assumed the miscarriage was related to that condition. A few years later I started a new relationship and we decided we wanted to have a baby. I became pregnant right away and miscarried around 7 weeks. Thinking it was a fluke we waiting until my beta levels were normal and we tried again, got pregnant and miscarried again. Since that was number 3 I had testing done and everything was normal, so we blamed it on age/bad luck. We tried again, got pregnant and had loss #4. I went to an endocrinologist did a cycle of femara, had the 5th loss. Did another cycle of femara, had loss #6. At that point I decided I was done I didn't want or need any more children. I decided I was happy with the 2 boys I had. I was scheduled to have my yearly exam and planned to discuss tubal ligation on Aug 1, 2012...on July 17th I had a positive pregnancy a week after having what I thought was a period, since that is how most of my losses went I assumed I was having loss #7. I had a few bumps over the next 8 months (SCH, gestational diabetes, etc) but here I am with my sweet 4 month old baby girl Ella--considering trying for 1 more.....GOOD LUCK everyone!!!!
Sandy-43 years young
BF-Ryan 38

Sons Noah 14 & Drew 16
Miracle baby Ella arrived Mar 22, 2013

7 losses at 4 to 7 weeks (feb 05, July 10, Oct 10, April 11, Oct 11 Feb 2012, Jan 2015)
No explanation for losses

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