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August 2nd, 2013, 08:49 PM
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If Cam hadn't been sunny side up, I think he could have been out in 6-7 hours. Instead, they made me wait like an hour and a half after I was at a 10 to push to try and get him to descend on his own more....and then pushed for almost 2.5....and then c-section. For a total of 10 hours from beginning to end.

I looooved my epi and I want another! I also had only back labour. And since I've had a section, I want the medical backup nice and close just in case since I'm a bit higher risk. The hospital is like 10 minutes from me but I still want to be there. With a midwife, they discharge you from the hospital usually within 2 hours of the birth providing there are no issues. That is also awesome for me, I don't want to be away from Cam for long.
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