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August 3rd, 2013, 11:33 AM
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I had a MW with Arthur. Actually it was a student Midwife who 'caught' him. I can not recommend enough what an amazing, wonderful experience it was!
When I had complications in my pregnancy she sent me to see an OB and I couldn't imagine having seen one my whole pregnancy. The OB took all of 5 minutes to see me and let me ask questions. My midwife appointments were close to an hour each, and we talked about everything from physical symptoms to how I was feeling mentally and emotionally. SHe also was always recommending really great coping strategies and resources during my pregnancy!
Leading up to the birth, she made sure I knew and understood what all the options for medications were, as well as what standard procedure was at the hospital, so I could make informed decisions and opt out of whatever I wanted to.
During the delivery, the MW was so supportive. She really had a hands off, (sit quietly in a corner) approach, but when I needed/wanted the support, she was right there helping me any way I needed.
I did end up using the gas, and it was all I needed, there was no judgement, or hesitation really at all! Our hospital doesn't offer epidurals, but they have had patients transfer to the big city to get one, and she made it known to me that, that was an option should I choose to have one.

Post Partum care was unbeatable! I live an hour from my MW and she still made a homevisit to check in on us! Then we had appointments every 1-2 weeks up until he was 7weeks old! I felt like she was capable, and knew her limits. If something was beyond her capacity she would consult with an OB, but otherwise did an amazing job!

I would be really devastated if I couldn't been seen by a MW for my next pregnancy. In my experience i wouldn't want to try anything else!

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