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August 3rd, 2013, 12:44 PM
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Hi there, just popping in from the July 2013 DDC. I'm a FTM and my little one was born 2 weeks ago. I had all of my prenatal care with a midwife but ended up having to consult an OB because I had reached 42 weeks. I had a wide variety of factors to consider but in the end had to choose between an induction which was highly likely to results in a +24hr labour and probable emergency c-section, or just book an elective c-section for that same day. I felt the odds for the induction were stacked against me so I ended up choosing the elective c-section.

Despite all that and the fact that every single aspect of my birth plan got thrown out the window, I would still choose a midwife 100x over. While she gave my OB and I her input on my situation, she never pressured me to go with an induction and was really supportive of the choice that I ultimately made. She was there with me during the c-section and took care of my little one when he was born, stayed with me for a few hours after the surgery to help get the breastfeeding started, she came to check up on me at the hospital, and did the home visits after I was discharged. She was even able to remove my staples at my house so it was a huge relief not to have to drag myself all the way to the hospital or a doctor's office in order to do it (we rely on public transit!).

I'm hoping for VBAC for my next pregnancy and will go with a midwife again.
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