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August 3rd, 2013, 12:51 PM
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Hello Ladies,

I am 30 years old and my husband and I have been trying for a year and a half. After a year, we decided to get testing to see if both of us were healthy and had any fertility issues. All came back good with the exception of my progesterone level being almost nonexistent. At this point, my gynecologist suggested to do a 3 month round of Clomid. The first month (50mg), my progesterone level went to 4,which is too low. She said she wanted to see at least a 15. Second month (100mg), my progesterone level was a 9. Still too low. Third month (150 mg), my progesterone level was 5mg. Needless to say we did not get pregnant. I got positive OPK's the second and third month. On the second month, I had all the symptoms of ovulation...EWCM, Cramping, Elevated Temp, Sore Uterus after ovulation (almost to the point of painful intercourse). I really thought it had happened. I still think it might have, but maybe my progesterone level was too low to have latching...???On the third month, I had positive OPK for 2 whole days!!! Not nearly as many symptoms and second month, and a LOWER progesterone level. This upset me so much. You would think a higher dosage would mean higher progesterone level, right? I'm still dumbfounded by this.

My gynecologist has referred me to a fertility specialist. She told me that she would only do 3 months of Clomid then I would have to go to a specialist. She also said that your supposed to take a 3 month break between treatments because of cancer risks and over-stimulation risks. I am making an appt for end of September maybe early October with the specialist.

My husband and I have discussed we are going to give it another year for the specialist to try and get us pregnant then we are looking into adoption. I've been researching the next steps for fertility....these are the common ones I've found.
Clomid with shots

Any info or experiences you guys can share on these treatments and what your issues were would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure we will get to choose between certain options and want as much info as I can get!

The costs of IVF scare me. I don't believe we can afford this. We would have to finance for it. And as I was thinking....if we spend that kind of money we might as well adopt a child. That is pretty much a guarantee that you will have a child. IVF success percentages are less than adoption. Maybe that would be an option later in life. But I still would like to hear your IVF stories and/or cost. How did you afford this expensive option??!?!?!?!

Much love and baby dust for you all
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