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August 3rd, 2013, 07:38 PM
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I am EP'ing right now, and I did for my first daughter as well (I put my second on formula at 5 weeks because I was too overwhelmed to EP for her for some reason). Anyway, you have to wean slowly if you can. Instead of cutting out pumps completely, start by cutting time off pumps. So if you pump for 15 min, start pumping for 12 min for a few days, then 10 min for a few days. Gradually move pumps closer to each other, then when you do drop a pump, cut time off the remaining pumps....but only a few min, don't cut out 10 min at a time. It takes a while to wean off the pump, but doing it slowly is SO worth it because you avoid mastitis (which I just had, and it's AWFUL) and clogged ducts.

I EP'd for 7 months for my first and made I think something like 65 ounces a day, so I had to wean SLOW. This time, I'm aiming to pump for 6 months, but I might go to 9 months. I can't WAIT to be done. I loathe pumping.

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