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August 3rd, 2013, 08:54 PM
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I need some ideas. My husband broke his leg about a month ago. We have a queen-sized bed and are sidecarring our six and a half month old's crib. She has started crawling and the other day, she crawled out of her nook and fell off the bed. She wasn't hurt, thank God, but it's got me questioning our sleeping arrangements. The bed is on a frame, which I would be willing to put on the floor, but the height helps my husband get in and out of bed without putting weight on his busted leg, which is extremely important. I don't know about adding rails to the bed. I don't think they could go on my husband's side, but I suppose I could put them at the foot of the bed and corner where the crib ends, but I think maneuvering myself into bed could be difficult. I'm feeling pretty lost. I barricade her in her crib with pillows right now, but that's a temporary solution and I need something that will work for at least three more months, until my husband is a bit more mobile. Lots of info, I know. Sorry about that. Anyway, if anyone has suggestions or dealt with a similar situation, I'd love some advice.

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