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August 4th, 2013, 08:35 AM
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I've had both. After one, I said I was never doing that again, and after the other, I said I wish I could do that again! Very different circumstances, but I know for sure which one I'd pick again if I had to.
I had a 36 hour induction. Went from nothing to intense contractions when the Pitocin started. The dr broke my water. I had an epidural. Believe me, I loved that epidural. Nothing bad to say about it! My baby's heart rate dropped any time I moved off of my right side, so I even had to push on my side, and they made me stop pushing for a half hour to watch the baby. Much easier said than done. I pushed for four hours. I was looking to the nurses to tell me what to do, when to push, if we were ok. It was an exhausting eternity. I felt like I was doing it all wrong. It never takes that long on A Baby Story!! All of that after an HG pregnancy-- It was sad to know that my body was just not good at this.
Then 6 years later, I was brave enough to try again. I had my membranes stripped on my due date. I had cramping for two days, barely painful, and then my water broke. After that the contractions became more intense, and I was expecting the process to take hours like it did the last time, so I asked for an epidural. Yes, I was in a lot of pain, but I was mostly afraid of not having the epidural for the actual birth. My labor went SO fast that I never had time for the epidural. It was amazing to feel my body do what it was meant to do. I was not broken after all! The nurse asked if I was pushing (thinking I was still at 3cm), and all I could tell her was that I wasn't trying to, but my body was. I said I was too afraid to do it without an epidural, but I had to tell myself that I could because I had no choice. My eyes were rolling back & I just went into my own little zone, no clue what was going on around me, but so aware of what my body was doing. The ring of fire that you hear of was pretty quick & not as bad as I expected. The pressure as the baby moved down was intense but not painful. I didn't really push because he was flying out pretty quick, but the cord was around his neck twice & had to be cut, so during that time it was scary, but I never felt pain as he was actually coming out, which is what I was most afraid of. It was the most amazing, empowering, intense experience. I loved it.
My recoveries from both were equally easy. I was out of bed quickly with both. I never had pain.
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