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August 4th, 2013, 02:25 PM
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First let me apologize for not being as active here as I have been. I've been feeling pretty blah... and some days more on the depressed side. Nothing really in particular is triggering it, well... except my MIL. We finally told the in-laws about this pregnancy last week and ever since she has been wanting to hang out and talk on the phone about baby stuff. It's mentally exhausting! She knows I'm pretty much always home so it's not like I can just ignore her phone calls and pretend I'm busy. I tried that one time when I was making soup for lunch and she said "Oh it's soup, it's not like it's going to burn if you let it sit on the stove for another 20 minutes."

She has already started buying MORE baby stuff for her to keep at HER house, which drives me totally crazy! I mentioned to her again that I want her to stop buying baby stuff, there is no point because I am going to have a really hard time letting this baby out of my sight, but she acted like she was ignoring me. It caused me to have an anxiety attack, so DH answered the phone when his mother was calling back to chat some more, and he told her all the baby shopping needed to stop! I heard him repeat himself several times saying, "No more baby stuff at all." like she was giving examples of things she was still wanting to buy for herself and the baby to use at her house.

Another thing MIL is now trying to "push", is me changing doctors. I told her about some of the issues I have had with my current dr and instead of telling me to switch dr's in general, she is telling me which dr I NEED to switch to. Out of curiosity I checked online and read the dr's reviews that MIL wants me to switch to, and OMG.... this female dr has almost killed several people!!! I read the reviews to DH and he was like "HELL NO!!" I told MIL about her horrible reviews and she insists I give this dr a chance. NO WAY!!! To be honest, after reading all those terrible reviews it makes me appreciate my dr more.

I just feel drained, emotional, and annoyed because MIL's craziness just wont stop! I have ignored her phone calls a few times but it doesn't do any good because she keeps calling back. She even warned me, or I feel it was more of a threaten, that if I don't answer her phone calls from now on she will have to drive over here and see if I'm okay and to make sure nothing bad happened to me. It might sound like a nice thing to do, but trust me, she is cuckoo bananas!! She is SOOOOO controlling and overbearing and I don't know how to make her stop!!! DH has talked to her but MIL does what she wants to do. She makes her own rules of what is acceptable behavior. DH is trying to see if there is anyway we can have everything ready to move by December or January, but in all honesty, I don't see it happening until *maybe* April.

Anyways... that has been my life the past 4 days. I have logged on here a few times but just can't find the energy to actually reply to posts. At least Aug 19th isn't too far away... I am looking forward to finding out if baby is a girl or boy. DH and I will be keeping it a secret from the in-laws. They just don't need to know. It will only make MIL's shopping much worse if she knew what gender this baby was, especially if baby is a girl... I know MIL will NOT respect the "No more baby shopping" rule if this baby is a girl. She has already told me all the stuff she will go crazy buying. But yea... there is my vent for today. I'm praying she listens to DH and myself and STOPS. I'm a private person and need my space from her.

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