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August 4th, 2013, 03:12 PM
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Wow, what an awful predicament to be stuck in!! I'm so sorry you are getting all this stress.

What about really laying down the law--such as just telling her how it's going to be--you will talk to her on the phone once a week, etc...and then not picking up the phone if (when) she calls all the time, and if she drives over, you can keep the door locked!! I think maybe she sounds like a spoiled brat whose own mother never taught her any manners or boundaries! Maybe you and DH need to play hardball with her in order to get some sanity going. If she gets hurt feelings, OH WELL! She is hurting your feelings plenty and IMO, she needs a dose of her own medicine. UGH people like that drive me nuts. I'm surprised you haven't escaped to Timbuktu.

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