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August 4th, 2013, 05:16 PM
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So on Friday I got a little pool at set up and filled with water. I got all three little girls in a swim suit I even put one on so I could sit in the pool and hold Rae so that she could do her first swimming pool. Then we go outside and twins jump in right off we are all good right? I am sitting within arm reach of them blowing up a floaty for Rae while the big kid holds the baby. Get it all blown up walk over to set my phone down and grab the baby then in we go. So we are sitting in the pool and the baby is having fun and I decided I wanted to get a couple of pics of her in the pool for the first time and ask DD1 to get my phone so I can. Her response 'I can't find it' so I stand up to look for myself, I mean sat it right out in the open all she has to do is open her eyes right? Wrong. Apparently instead of sitting it down on the table like I had planned I had slipped it into the pocket of the shorts I always wear over my swim suit. It is so drowned it is not even funny and now I have to figure out how to get a new phone. Oh and the worst part is I had a ton of pics I hadn't gotten uploaded yet on it. I guess those are lost now. Really stinks!!

So how is everyone else's weekend going?

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