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August 5th, 2013, 07:18 AM
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Update: So I was pushed into going to the abortion clinic. Not forced, but the fiance would act horribly every time I talk about not being able to do it. On Saturday, we were at the clinic and I filled out all the paperwork and have an ultrasound and find out that I am 7 weeks and 1 day. The appointment comes to the time when I am suppose to go back and take the pill and I find out that they will not allow him to come with me. At this point I freak out because I expected that he would be able to be with me when I took this pill because he is the reason I am taking it.

So as I am having my freak out (I do have to note through this day, the fiance has been very supportive because I am going along with what he wants.), the fiance takes me outside and gets me calmed down. After around five minutes we go back inside and I am ready to tell her that I am going to have the abortion. As I tell her this, the lady then tells me, "I am sorry but we are going to have to reschedule you." I am in complete shock, she had told us that we had ten minutes to decide, but apparently the doctor moved on to the surgical abortions and they could no longer see me that day. Fiance was beyond upset.

I had already made another appointment for this morning that was closer to my mom's house because I went through a period when I was going to get an abortion but didn't want fiance there at all. Last night after many long talks that involved fiance going through the fact that he doesn't want a baby and my mother being absolutely amazing and tell me that she thinks she must have bought a house that is too big for a reason and that the basement is mine any time I want it. I told him last night that I was canceling my appointment for today and that I was going to keep the baby. I was also clear in telling him that I will leave if he wants, (I don't really want to, but I want what is best for the baby) but if I leave I will not come back.

I know he is scared, and so am I. I hate the way he has to be so ugly and talk about me ruining his life. I just, I can't sit down and be passive about this. No one else is going to protect our baby, so I need too. I have to believe the way things went at the clinic of Saturday was a sign. I just hope this is the right thing to do. I hope he can let go of his anger and love the baby. I hope I can make this all work. I am not ready to be happy yet, but knowing I am protecting our baby has given me some measure of calm and drive. Today I am going to try and go get information about medicaid and that in itself it scary.

Wish me luck.
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