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August 5th, 2013, 04:22 PM
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So the really hard part of all of this is that we get pregnant. I know that sounds odd, but it's the part that makes you keep going and going. It kept pushing us forward, and then when we got pregnant naturally last year, it was just unfathomable to not keep trying with our own eggs, tests and hormones be ******!

It's very much a toss up to be really honest. You'll get a ton of victory stories and then you'll hear of plenty that moved on to donor eggs. You are in a precarious situation in that IVF will be much less likely to work although not impossible. There are multiple views. One is that we'll likely make very few eggs in IVF, so it's best to go do a minimal stimulation cycle and only attempt to get 3-4 good quality eggs. We face both a quality AND quantity issue. We don't have many left and the quality isn't so great either. But there are still some good ones in there.

The question is how far you go and how long you wait to find the good one. I also couldn't financially keep doing IVF when it might take the 9th cycle to get the actual good egg that made a baby. You might get lucky the first time. We did IVF and then got pregnant completely naturally, so that is always an option.

Plenty of women like us also go back to more simple methods like Femara. Since we wont' get many eggs anyways, why not try boosting ovulation methods instead of the super high tech IVF approach. It's something to consider. Since I did get pregnant, my RE was willing to do Femara and IUI.

I on the other hand just cannot wait anymore to find my own good egg, which is REALLY hard after having a baby naturally. Loss makes the waiting impossible though, which puts me into trying donor embryo's instead of using my own eggs.

The main thing you need to hear is that there are options. There are vitamins to reduce FSH. Supplements to enhance egg quality. Multiple options and approaches to IVF. And a few that are a few steps back like clomid. There is egg donation, embryo donation, adoption. There are options. But it will require some grieving at each stage and deciding if your final goal is to have your baby, your genetically related baby, or to be a parent in general. That answer is different for each of us.

Let me also link you to network54 which is all high FSH and low ovarian reserve women
New High FSH Support Forum

My diagnosis was a few years ago. FSH at 33 and my egg counts were super super low. We got retrieved 7 at the final day of IVF but it didn't work in the end.

Also, processing all of this after stillbirth is really really hard. It starts to feel like the Universe hates you doesn't it!

Do you go to any meetings for stillbirth or infertility?
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