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August 6th, 2013, 10:40 AM
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Starting on tuesday july 30th I knew something was different. I couldn't put my finger on it and I actually googled again what to look for when it came to going into labour. I just had no appetite and I was absolutely exhausted. I've never been really tired this pregnancy so it was weird. I googled and they told me you get an energy boost before labour so I decided it wasn't baby coming soon. I tried to ignore it and cleaned then napped on and off most of the day. Around 4pm I texted R & a friend and said "I don't feel good. Not sick but not good either"

I woke up wednesday morning and I had a weird dull pain that wouldn't go away. No appetite again but this time I had an instinctual "the time is near" feeling. I wanted to text R and tell some friends I knew I was going into labour that day but I didn't want to sound crazy.

So I continued on. Forced myself to eat breakfast and then tried to rest because of the pain but I kept waking up thinking "clean!" so I'd be like "oh I'm nesting blah" then I'd say "no you are just trying to make yourself think you are. You are only 36 weeks ignore it" I couldn't ignore it so I went to clean the bathroom. The pain started getting a little bit more pronounced while I was mopping the floor. Then I lost my mucus plug. I tried to convince myself that meant nothing too.

Then I forced myself to eat some lunch and got the worst heart burn I've ever had in my life. I was laying on the couch popping tums like candy but it would not go away. I kept thinking "fall asleep and it'll just be gone when you wake up" I couldn't shut my brain off so I was just playing around on my phone.
Suddenly I felt something come out. I took half a second to think "what?" then I jumped up and more came. So I waddled down the hall to the bathroom gushing water everywhere. What a freaking mess!
I spent about 10 minutes going "OH MY GOD!!!!" then posted on facebook and ran around the house flipping out for a bit. Finally decided maybe I should call my husband so I phoned him and he left work.
Then I ran downstairs to do some laundry.

I think it took me a while to remember I should phone my mother and let her know that the girls were going to have to stay at her house because it was baby time.
So I phoned my mom and then I phoned labour & delivery and asked them if I could wait a bit before heading in because I hadn't been having contractions yet. I used the laundry excuse. Told them I had absolutely nothing dry and had to wait for my dryer. They weren't thrilled with me because I hadn't had the GBS test yet so I needed to be on antibiotics every 4 hours just in case I had been positive.

They reluctantly agreed I could stay home for no more than 2 hours. So I decided to go for a walk. My contractions started just over 2 hours after my water broke. They went from nothing to every 2 minutes and really painful. So I decided to head to the hospital sooner than 2 hours.
Of course there was a ridiculous amount of traffic and it took forever to get to the hospital. I was in so much pain sitting in the non moving car contracting every 2 minutes I almost jumped out and walked.

Finally got to the hospital and they gave me some IV penicillin for 30 minutes and then sent me walking.
I've had two c-sections so I had to be monitored a lot but they wanted me out of bed too so I had to be monitored for 30 minutes,then walk for 30 minutes and repeat for hours.

I was an emotional wreck and kept freaking out about having a preemie. It didn't matter how many times or how many doctors or nurses told me that she was going to be fine I was still terrified.
They kept telling me to try to relax because my body wouldn't allow labour to progress while I was worrying. Which is what ended up happening. I stayed at 4cm contracting every 1-2 minutes for 20 hours.

The OB finally said that there wasn't much point to keep doing this to myself since I was refusing pain medicine to help calm me and I couldn't stop crying about having a preemie. So they tried to talk me in to a c-section. I didn't want that either because I wasn't ready to let her out. I kept thinking if I can just stay like this for a few days she will be full term. So we agreed that I would have some ativan to calm me. After the ativan I was calm enough that I asked for a c-section but I said "only on my terms" which got the OB and the GP to roll their eyes but they agreed.
In the OR they tried to back track on what they said I could have but I was like "YOU SAID!" so they agreed again.

When they started the surgery the OB said I had a lot of scar tissue and had clearly had an internal infection in my uterus from my last c-section that we never knew about. It took him much longer than normal to get to the baby. Then he had to do something to my previous scars to fix them. Basically Dr. Cox had done a hack job on me. surprise surprise everyone in this city hates that dr. I was always a Dr Cox defender because he was nice to me. Not anymore. He destroyed my insides and the infection could have made me infertile.

Monroe was 6lbs 11oz and 20" a great size for a 36 weeker.
Our 3rd baby GIRL coming in August ♥

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