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August 6th, 2013, 11:15 AM
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Is Connor saying any words? no words not even a mama or dada he does say uhba which i think means boobies but nothing legit yet

What's his temperament like? hes the kind of kid that is normaly very calm and happy he is super flirtatious and social and we get tons of complements on how happy and quite he is when we are out............... but when he losses it he hits a leval previously unknown to mankind. the child has screamed for 5 hours straight before and not in a i put him down an let him CIO fashion either like we were holding him took him for a walk bought him a new toy nothing matters. all that literally becuse I caught him chewing on the internet cable and took it away from him. once he gets mad he stays mad simply for the fact that he is mad.

Does he have any pets? we have cats none are thechincally his but he loves playing with them.

What is his favorite toy? v tech alphabet activity cube........or a plastic bag its a close tie lol. but really he does love his cube.

What do you think he'll be like as a kid - Class clown? Quiet? Trickster? I think he will be a jokester he loves testing bounderys right now and hes allways trying to get his daddy to laugh.

if his personality changed since he was a newborn yes and no He was very lethargic as a newborn even after he came home it was atleast 3 months before he hit his big growthspurt and finally started haveing enough energy so while he was very laid back as a baby i dont think that really was his personality he just didnt have the energy to do anything else.

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