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August 6th, 2013, 12:39 PM
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What is your favorite tear jerker movie? Well, one movie I liked that I cried at, was Brave. Haha. I was pregnant at the time though so that might have affected I usually avoid tear jerkers, pregnant or not...I hate being made to cry!

Do you typically cry easily during movies/TV shows? Not normally, unless I am hormonal! Then I cry at everything, commercials too!

Does your spouse/SO cry during movies? Nah, he never cries, although he did tear up when our boys were born. He did cry once that I didn't see, it's a long story but he just about got killed in a car crash...a little 4 door sedan vs. an 18 wheeler. I think he was traumatized afterward and cried on the phone (he was in another state).

Does he use tissues or hankies? tissues, although I do keep a hankie in my purse. It's handy for church or while I'm out. I of course wash it after it's been used!

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