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August 7th, 2013, 06:30 AM
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Hi everyone,
I've been lurking for a few days and decided to join
My friend is already a member here and has been trying to TTC... And she suggested to join

I'm not trying to TTC yet....

I've just come off of the mini pill (micronor)... The worst pill I have ever been on...
Absolute roller coaster.
I was bloated all the time, and since starting it 4 months ago I gained 25 lbs and now it's stuck on me

A little back story on me..
I was on seasonale for the longest time... But always had constant migraines...
My dad and mom both have horrible migraines so I honestly thought hereditary.
The migraines were bad... Aura to the point of confusion... Inability to actually think and complete a thought. And my head... Omg... I would have to go to my bedroom with a pillow over my head.. Close the door and hope it would go away soon.

I changed dr right around the time they were getting bad...
She's a younger dr but very up to date with current research and what not.
Turns out estrogen is something I cannot have.
Even though seasonale kept my face clear , I actually lost weight on seasonale...

I was off of work for 3 weeks because the migraines were daily and I couldn't function....
Until dr prescribed a med that would stop my migraine once I felt the aura starting... For the life of me can't remember the name right now.

Since switching to micronor.... Ya the migraines stopped... But now I'm big ... Bloated and unhappy.
So.... We decided to stop with micronor.

I do have an appointment with a ob September 4th for an IUD.
Here's my confusion.... I've been lurking and reading that women have gotten pregnant using the iud!
For me, I wouldn't be disappointed if a baby happened.... But timing isn't right... Then again when will it be?
I just don't want to get an iud and be setting myself up for a failure.
So... Is the iud safe?
Also..... With sex.... Can the iud get moved around?
Our sex isn't.... Boring lol... Or slow. (Trying to remain of without details! Lol)...
I'm just worried that the constant "roughness" would dislodge the iud.

Since being off micronor my face is becoming a mess again and I can feel my skin more oily.

Also stopped micronor last Sunday...then aug 2 had unprotected with my bf (of 8 years)...
We got in the heat of the moment and just skipped the wrapping stage.
Also when I stopped micronor... A period never happened.... But... The last month I was on micronor I bled for 3 weeks off and on. Torture.

So... Is the iud safe?
Or am I just going to be better being on nothing? I definitely feel like I have more energy without added hormones in me...

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