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August 7th, 2013, 07:34 AM
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Good Luck with everything. It is a long, sometimes hard process but it will be well worth it in the end. =) We have been trying for over two years and decided to try IUI, so we did 3 IUI's and all were unsuccessful. We took a few months off and decided to try IVF and it was the best decision! We are now pregnant with twins! I know you said were asking about single egg transfers and I did a 2 egg transfer. It is everyones own preference. I was so scared about being pregnant with twins! But I took that risk because we have been trying for so long and have had no success. I thought 2 eggs was a better chance of attaching, I really didn't think both would and they did and I am so greatful!! =) We have 4 frozen for the future if we decide to try for another, but if we were to try for another, I think I would only do a single transfer. =)

Good luck with everything! Keep us posted!

September 2012 - 1st IUI (Clomid)= BFN
October 2012 - 2nd IUI (Clomid) = BFN
November 2012 - 3rd IUI (Clomid) = BFN

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