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August 7th, 2013, 09:19 AM
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I experienced a small bit in my second birth. But truthfully I think the pressure was coming from the doctor, who didn't want to be on call all night while I labored. He was visibly deflated when we discovered the breech baby had flipped. I know he would have much preferred a c-section and to go home to sleep. I do feel I was pressured into things during his birth that I otherwise might not have been or done if in was in a more supportive environment. My nurse was very apologetic, but when the doc is screaming about pushing pitocin and I am on that lovely time clock (broken waters), there isn't much you can do to argue besides walk out. I didn't feel like I had a lot of options but to follow the tide that was coming, even with my doula. They used some warfare on her too, because I had some medical conditions that they said were affecting their decisions (I am quite sure they had nothing to do with it).

I did feel in my first and third births the staff and doctors were working WITH me to get me my natural birth. My nurse even said at the end of Jos birth that she was happy it turned out how it did because she would have been disappointed FOR me if I had gone so far without meds and was rocking it as best I could, if I had ended up with a c-section. So I appreciated that they were trying to work with what we had and not throwing their hands up and being like "let's just do what we want."
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