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August 7th, 2013, 02:26 PM
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*coming out of lurkingland*

We started Aug 5th bc being pg with my 4th messed things up HS-wise last school year and we need to catch up. Baby-girl is 6 weeks now and I'm sitting around nursing her so much that I made that our HS time.

DD1 is in 5th now but has 4th grade stuff to catch up on. We do mostly Spectrum with some other random things I got from my teacher-mom and other HS mom-friends.

DS is 1st grade now. Strong in numbers, weak in ABC's. We're still getting the hang of that and then we'll pursue reading. We're using Kumon, Scholastic Success and Scholar power workbooks.

We'll likely not get an all inclusive curriculum until it becomes unavoidable. We get so much material for free that we might as well use it. Also, there's so much to use from the internet. The higher grades will reopen the convo of purchasing a full curriculum.
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