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August 7th, 2013, 02:42 PM
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I apologize in advance if this isn't the right group to post this with, but I'm trying to avoid a C-section and hoping some of you might have gone though (successfully lol) a similar situation and can give me some advice.

As a little background, i'm high risk and have had several complications with this pregnancy including a SCH and i'm on blood thinners. Because of my history and complications during this pregnancy, my MFM/perinatologist is strongly recommending delivery at 38 weeks, which I will do.

The latest wrinkle is that baby turned transverse a week ago, and at latest scan (I get weekly L2 u/s due to complications & an NST) yesterday baby is now fully breech. And now I'm sort of stuck because I understand (and agree with) the medical reasons why early delivery is being recommended BUT hospital will not allow induction if baby is breach, thus essentially dictating a C-section at 38 weeks if baby hasn't flipped. I know there is still time for baby to move, and I am checking out the Spinning Babies webpage that several friends recommended, but if that doesn't work the only option left is possibly an external version procedure - but unclear yet if high risk OB will recommend against it.

So my questions:

1) Have any of you successfully spun baby from breach to head down? Any tips??

2) Has anyone had an external version done? Was it painful...or any info on what to expect if that becomes an option for me? Is it usually performed close to delivery date to avoid baby moving back?

Thanks in advance for any advice...I am really struggling with the possibility of having a C-section. I went through a difficult induction with my DD, and while I wasn't looking forward to a repeat of that experience, it suddenly seems so much better now that C-section is suddenly on the table.

ETA: In researching ECVs this afternoon, I realized that baby is in a frank breech position, if that makes a difference....

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