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August 7th, 2013, 06:50 PM
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We were excited to find it, DH's aunt told us about it.

No rain even here...I'm sad I didn't get to go for my run

Starting prep for Cam's most of the food today, boiled eggs for devilled eggs my sister requested tonight. Party is on Saturday....about 40 people :/ DH's whole extended family needs to be invited or they see it as a personal slight. So its huge. And expensive as we're doing dinner.

And my dad is making 'painkillers', an alcoholic drink to serve...thank goodness it has pineapple juice in it so I can't have it (allergic) as we haven't told them we are expecting again yet...waiting till after Cam's birthday so he can have his special day.

I gave up on finding a smash cake, I'm getting a mini celebration cake from Zehrs and taking off their icing and sprinkles (they wouldn't leave one plain for me ) and decorating it myself. At least I ordered the cake today!!!! I was super productive! Tomorrow we work on scrubbing the house clean, Friday is cleaning and food...Saturday is us getting clean lol.
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