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August 7th, 2013, 08:13 PM
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Hi Lara! I had a very similar experience that you are having with my second child. He was head down for a long time, so we think (we knew he was head-down at 36 weeks) and then he moved to a transverse breech (hip to my hip) position at week 37.

I can nearly guarantee that they won't recommend a external version. When I found our my son was breech, I panicked and did a bunch of research and asked them if a version was an option for me. And having the blood clotting condition (similar one to yours, same treatment protocol) was something that eliminated it as an option (as well as my anterior placenta). So I doubt your doctor will be okay with it either If, by some reason, he is okay with it, I think they do it around 37-38 weeks and generally in the OR, in case of a need. In your case, they might even induce immediately following to prevent her turning (since that was the plan all along).

However, I had great success with the Webster technique (chiro). I had two appts and another one scheduled when I went into labor. I also had planned to see an acupunturist the following day if I hadn't gone into labor. So I really recommend getting into the chiro for that technique. I also did some spinning babies, mainly the breech tilt, tailor sitting, and using hot/cold to encourage baby to move.

Your baby moving from head down to breech at this stage is not terribly uncommon and it's still plenty possible she will move back without any encouragement. But I don't blame you for wanting to push things in the right direction. It's generally a good sign for flipping if they only turned that way recently. It was probably one of the only reasons my 37 weeker flipped back...he clearly had the room because he managed to get into that position not too long before.

But I do wish you tons of luck. It certainly changed my whole plans with my second! These babies like to keep us on our toes! I hope she turns back down for you.
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