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August 7th, 2013, 10:31 PM
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I am struggling with this now. Warning, long overly detailed rant ahead.

My elastic waist yoga/lounge-y pre-preg pants fit, and I'm barely ever leaving the house anyway since I am still healing from my birth injury to my pelvis, so I just wore those and didn't think about it for awhile. Then I got on the scale for the first time at 4-5 wks pp, about a week ago, and I was still 20 lbs over pre-preg weight. I only gained 35 lbs during pregnancy (was at a low-to-healthy weight beforehand) and I was shocked to see how much weight I still had on, I swear in the mirror I don't look that big!! I expected to be maybe 10 lbs over pre-preg, which would be totally fine with me, but 20 lbs seemed like a lot. I had been feeling like my body was pretty much back to normal, size-wise, aside from a little belly, I mean just based on the mirror I was feeling like my body looked fine for this stage. But because of the scale number, I was perplexed, I then (out of curiosity) tried on my biggest available (size 14) jeans that I fully expected to fit, and could barely pull them over my hips. WTH!?!? I measured and I am now a size 16 pants instead of size 10-12. I have a bunch of 12s and that one pair of 14s but definitely no 16s. Well, I might be this size for awhile, who knows, so I ordered some cheap size 16 pants from Old Navy online, they arrived today and were hopelessly ill fitting. They fit in the biggest part of my hips/butt and again in the waist, but in the front in the lower-gut area I could grab huge handfuls of fabric. Needless to say I am sending them back!!! But what to do now? Apparently I don't have the body of a normal size 16 woman. I just want a couple of cheap pairs of jeans or pants that zip for when I go out and about in the world so I don't feel like a schlump. The whole thing is just weird. I am worried about my hips possibly being permanently huge now and maybe due to my pelvic separation issue. They were plenty wide before but now it's just ridiculous. I'm normally a rather skinny but pear-shaped person, but this is like a mutant pear, like a cherry with the stem on top. If I lose my belly and keep these hips, I am going to have to learn to sew my own pants, because I will never ever find pants that fit me. I had a hard enough time before, especially since with my height I need 34-35" inseams, since my shape was so pear-ish, and now it's even more extreme. Blargh.

And in the meantime, yes, I am feeling frumpy, as well as freaky. I'll be doing a lot of yoga pants with loose tops, and elastic waist skirts when I need to be a bit more dressy. And maybe I'll try to get to a store and actually try on pants to find a style that fits, like sometime when I have childcare help and feel like using my precious time to myself in order to most likely just piss myself off in a crowded mall (I hate malls). Or maybe I'll order some other random pants online and hope that I somehow strike gold.

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